Arctic Air

We're on a mission to make small spaces more comfortable and livable, by providing compact air cleaning solutions that are easy to integrate in any space. Join us for a breath of fresh air in every space.

Making small spaces more breathable than ever.

Arctic Air is perfect to be installed inside elevators.
Arctic Air is perfect to be installed inside hotel cabins.
Hotel Sleep Capsules
Arctic Air is perfect to be installed inside train cabins.
Train Sleep Cabin
Arctic Air is perfect to be installed inside smoking cabins.
Smoking Cabins


Why Arctic Air Purifier

Poor air circulation in small indoor spaces

Today more than ever it is of utmost importance to use strict hygiene measures for the protection of public health. With safety at the core of its values, Arctic Air presents an innovative series of solutions that safeguard the hygiene in the cabins and small indoor spaces and protect the passengers at all times.

Bad Smell

Poor Hygiene

Poor Air Flow

Increasing respiratory and viral diseases in dense urban areas

In densely populated urban areas, the surge in respiratory and viral diseases is on the rise, propelled by environmental factors, high population density, and increased air pollution, posing a significant public health concern. At Arctic Air we believe innovative and urgent measures are needed to safeguard public health through improved air quality and preventive strategies.

Arctic Air Purifier & Fragrance dispenser

The Arctic Air Purifier features a two-phase technology, utilizing molecular materials and advanced negatively ion-charged air technology to thoroughly disinfect cabins, ensuring a supply of clean, uncontaminated air. Designed with cutting-edge technology and engineering, it creates a safe and protective environment in any cabin or small public space interior.