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How does Arctic Air treatment systems enhance air quality while eliminating bacteria and viruses?

Arctic Air generates charged ions introduced into the air circulation. These ions interact with viruses and bacteria upon collision, breaking chemical bonds and damaging DNA molecules. This process prevents pathogens from reproducing, effectively terminating their spread in treated air circulation.

Do other systems charge ions/atoms negatively?

Some systems in the market use UV light with titanium metal to create negative ions for oxidation effects. However, Arctic Air's method ensures a higher ion/atom charge, unlike UV lamps that lose efficacy upon activation.

Do systems treating air within chambers solely eliminate pathogens in that confined space?

Yes, some products focus solely on chamber/unit air treatment, reducing pathogens in that limited area. In contrast, Arctic Air charges the air itself, ensuring comprehensive treatment for all objects in contact with the treated air, resulting in higher and safer overall efficacy.

Does highly charged air from Arctic Air systems pose any harm to people or animals?

No, the treated air produced by our systems has only positive effects on people and animals. EPA testing confirms that negatively charged ions have no harmful effects on humans, animals, or their surroundings.

How are Arctic Air systems designed in terms of unit sizes and maintenance?

Our systems come in various sizes specified in user manuals. The ion charging devices have a life cycle of approximately 30,000 hours, and routine maintenance includes vacuum cleaning every six months, especially in highly polluted areas.

Are Arctic Air systems energy-efficient with low operating costs?

Yes, these systems consume 5 to 20 watts of energy, resulting in low operating costs. They also feature motion sensors to operate only when people are around, reducing power usage and extending equipment life.